Sustainability and environment policy

As the head of VIÑEDOS HERMANOS HERNÁIZ, I commit to establishing, implementing, and maintaining this Quality and Environmental Policy, which supports the strategic direction as a tool to achieve the following:


  • Meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, including legal and regulatory requirements and other applicable quality and environmental requirements (environmental aspects of the organization), in order to achieve customer loyalty and attract new customers by offering a well-maintained image.
  • Offer the market high-quality products with a brand image, good presentation, and high added value superior to the competition.
  • Comply with the legal, regulatory, and normative requirements applicable to our activity and with all the requirements that the organization subscribes to related to its environmental aspects.
  • Make our raw material suppliers (grapes and auxiliary materials) aware of the importance their products have on our final product and involve them in achieving the goals of VIÑEDOS HERMANOS HERNÁIZ.
  • Involve the staff of VIÑEDOS HERMANOS HERNÁIZ in the care and attention to detail during the production and aging processes through their involvement, knowledge that their work contributes to the achievement of objectives, and recognition of a job well done. Provide the necessary level of training for the efficient performance of our workers’ duties and tasks.
  • Continuously improve the Quality and Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance and the performance of our activities. Management implements and maintains the quality and environmental management system up to date by determining management objectives and goals in accordance with this Policy, managing resources, and analyzing information for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Protect the environment, prevent pollution, and minimize the environmental impact of our activities, as well as ensure the sustainable use of resources.

This Policy is the foundation of our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, which will be developed by establishing measurable objectives that will be reviewed periodically as established in the System itself, so that continuous improvement can be demonstrated.


The Quality and Environmental Policy is communicated to the winery staff, providing the necessary means for it to be understood, comprehended, and implemented. Additionally, it is available to all interested parties.

Eduardo Hernáiz López


Baños de Rioja a 18 de enero de 2018

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