Sustainability and ENVIRONMENT


Loyalty to the vineyard has led us to practice respectful viticulture. We know that sustainability is the best guarantee of quality and continuity.

Viticulture for the future

Our wines are made with grapes that come exclusively from vineyards owned by the Hernáiz family, which guarantees total control over each estate. 


For more than 15 years, we have been applying the model of regenerative viticulture, always striving for maximum sustainability:


  • We use sustainable treatments such as pheromones instead of insecticides.


  • Herbicides have been eliminated by leaving cover crops on the plots, which are mown regularly.


  • The shredded remains of the annual pruning are used as fertiliser instead of chemical fertilisers.


  • We only use organically recommended treatments, such as copper sulphate for powdery mildew, if fungal infections need to be treated.

Organic Vineyard

Finca La Emperatriz currently has 32 hectares of the oldest vineyards recognised with the eco-seal, also under the figure of Singular Vineyard.


And we are still working, as the aim is to certify 100% of the vineyard.

Energy efficiency

In 2023, we completed a photovoltaic project at Finca La Emperatriz, achieving energy savings of almost 30%.


This means an improvement in the carbon footprint, with a reduction of 65,151 tonnes of CO2 per year no longer being emitted into the atmosphere.

ISO 14001 certification

The winery has ISO 14001 environmental management certification, which certifies the control of its operations and the implementation of practices to minimise its impact on the environment, such as reducing energy consumption or waste management.

Renewal of systems and equipment

The winery’s refrigeration system, renovated in 2017, is highly energy efficient. In addition, to minimise environmental impact and provide maximum guarantees, a new water treatment plant with a state-of-the-art MBR membrane ultrafiltration system was installed in 2020.

Protecting and promoting biodiversity

Preserving biodiversity and respecting wildlife is fundamental in our vineyards. The health of the ecosystem is essential to the quality of our wines, so we have implemented a range of sustainable practices to protect and encourage wildlife in our environment.


We encourage plant diversity in our vineyards by planting native trees that provide shelter and food for birds, beneficial insects and other animals.


We are also committed to educating and raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.


Our aim is to produce exceptional wines in a responsible and sustainable way, always with an eye to the next generation.

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