Law establishes the 2017 vintage as the first in which a wine can be distinguished with the Viñedo Singular mention, the highest quality category of the appellation. Achieving this implies fulfilling without exception, a long list of strict requirements that end with a qualification process in which, the wine from a Viñedo Singular must undergo two tastings with the assessment of excellent. A requirement which, according to the latest data, is leaving out 30% of the wines tasted.

Among the wines that passed the tasting with this excellent rating, two are Finca La Emperatriz Tinto and Blanco 2017, which will be released into the market tomorrow, September 15th, with this mention on their label.

clear synonym of quality agreeing with the scope of prescription, if we consider the 95 and 93 points awarded to Finca La Emperatriz Blanco 2017 by Tim Atkin and Luis Gutiérrez, and the 95 points by Andrés Proensa, 94 of Atkin and 93 de Gutiérrez for the Finca La Emperatriz Tinto 2017.

With these endorsements Eduardo and Victor Hernáiz present the first Viñedo Singular vintage of the winery’s high-end wines that, in the words of Luis Gutiérrez, “combines ripeness and power with elegance and subtleness”.

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